Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's arrived!

Yesterday we received paperback copies of our new book, Life Without Money. With all the instability in the global financial markets and the international spread of the Occupy movement, this book will provoke deeper discussion of ways forward. The ten contributors to Life Without Money argue that we need to dispense with monetary values and relationships — yes, money per se — in order to manage our world on the basis of humane and natural values.

The book brings together diverse voices with strong arguments against our money-based system’s ability to improve lives and prevent environmental disaster. It provides a strategy for undercutting capitalism by refusing to deal in money, and offers money-free models of governance and collective sufficiency.

Here's what Joel Kovel, author of Enemy of Nature (2002; 2007) and Overcoming Zionism (Pluto Press, 2007), has already said about the book:

‘The collapse of capitalism will also be an end to money as the prime regulator of society — an eventuality both hard to imagine and necessary to understand. Anitra Nelson and Frans Timmerman have assembled an indispensable collection for those who are bold enough to explore this dramatic prospect. Life Without Money is an essential guidebook for the great debate now unfolding and around which our hopes for a worthwhile future unfold.’

Get, or order, your copy from your local book store (or find links for online purchases at Then come back and enter the discussion.

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