Thursday, December 22, 2011

Occupy! and Radical Politics — Beyond Money

Take a look at our post at the Pluto Press Blog, which starts:

In the second of our series of guest posts on the impact of the Occupy! movement on radical politics, Anitra Nelson, co-editor of Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies, argues that the movement has created the potential for new money-free egalitarian and environmental values and relationships:

Time magazine has just announced ‘The Protester’ as 2011 Person of the Year. Is it really the start of radical international change? One hundred years ago 1911 was such a momentous year: cities fell like dominoes across China so that on New Year’s Day in 1912 Sun Yat-sen became the provisional president of a liberal republic; Mexico was entering years of internal war after Porfirio Diaz’s dictatorial reign from 1877 broke down in 1910; and, in Russia, a brief restoration of conservative order was crumbling with Bolshevik and anarchistic activities and Lenin proclaiming the end of ‘world bourgeois parliamentarianism’...

If you're reading this after 22 December 2011, then you can access the post by finding this title with a December 21 2011 date:

Occupy! and radical politics part 2 – Beyond money

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