Friday, January 6, 2012

Twin Oaks

In our book, we have a chapter on Twin Oaks community, Virginia USA. In the Leaves of Twin Oaks community newsletter (Winter 2011/2012 #111) there is a great photo of member, Sabrina, holding up a sign as one would at a demo, which reads:

I live communally with 100 people in Virginia. We run a miniature society, with government and businesses we collectively own, and produce lots of our own food. We aren’t tuned into TV/iPhones. We each earn $5000 a year (on average) and all of the money goes to the community. By sharing what we have — seven big houses, fifteen cars, a variety of talents and skills — we get by on very little. We have no leader and there is always plenty of food, comfortable shelter and no trouble getting bills paid. We are all lucky to be secure and happy with our lives. I choose to live this way because corporatism is destroying American government and society, and because I am the 99%.  Thank you Occupy Wall St!!

At the 'your passport to complaining is your willingness to do something about it’ blog, is 're-post Island' ( — go to 'Older posts' to find it (10 December 2011 post), a report of living at Twin Oaks by another member, Paxus Calta. It glimpses a non-market socialist world.

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