Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gleebooks at Dulwich Hill and more

Last night we launched Life Without Money in Sydney at gleebooks at Dulwich Hill. Again we had a great turnout. However, Green Bans, environmental and union activist Jack Mundey had to pull out of launching it due to serious hearing problems. He told us to remind the punters that he was 82 years old now. So Frans read out his apology and testimonial on the book, and I, Ariel Salleh and Terry Leahy all spoke to the themes in the book and its making.

Meanwhile I have been re-reading Holloway's Crack Capitalism and thought some passages worth quoting:

It is not the state that creates the social synthesis that surrounds us, although it often presents itself as doing so... The real force of cohesion stands behind the state: it is the movement of money... More precisely, the social synthesis is established through that which is expressed in money: value.

Value is what holds society together under capitalism... Capitalism is composed of a huge number of independent units which produce commodities that they sell on the market... Value (manifested in money) constitutes the social synthesis in capitalist society, that which holds together the many different, uncoordinated activities... the state is dependent on money and can do little to influence its movement.

... Money is the fine spider's web that holds us entrapped.

John Holloway (2010) Crack Capitalism, Pluto Press, London: 65–6

Also, note the short review of our book by Roger Fletcher in the Morning Star, 'the only English-language socialist daily newspaper published in the world' and 'the only newspaper in Britain owned by its readers'. The Morning Star started out as the Daily Worker issued by the Communist Party of Great Britain.

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