Thursday, February 2, 2012

House of a Billion Euros

Stephanie Hegarty's Outlook article, 'The house that a billion euros built' is available in text and podcast through the BBC World Service News Magazine. It begins:

'This is an unlikely consequence of the Irish economic crisis. Artist Frank Buckley decided to express his anger about the property boom and bust by building a house from more than a billion euros of decommissioned notes...
'The money, which forms a pulped brick of shredded notes, is part of an art installation - and home - built by unemployed Dublin-based artist Frank Buckley.

'Mr Buckley has invited strangers into the space in the hope that it will inspire debate on the state of Irish national debt and the meaning of currency...
'He decided to create art that would bring the absurdity of the Irish economic situation to light and made paintings from the shredded notes and coins which he exhibited towards the end of last year.
'Then the idea came to him to build a house..'
It's worth a read and reminds me of a favourite Thames and Hudson book, Money (Katy Siegel and Paul Mattick), which brings together lots of examples of artworks on the topic, including a chapter on 'Alternatives'. Check it out at your local library.

On 26 March 2012 the New York Times wrote a piece on Frank Buckley's house and the issues it raises too. You can find the electronic version here.

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