Friday, March 2, 2012

Latest review

You can find a review of Life Without Money by 'PB' at the Socialist Party of Great Britain site. It's called Gifts and giving and appears in the Socialist Standard 1291, March. You can download a pdf of the whole issue here.


  1. Anitra,

    Glenys Livingstone recommended your book recently and while my reading time is currently non-existent, I thought I might be so forward as to offer a link to the essay I wrote, which prompted the conversation.
    The economic premises are somewhat different than your views, but I thought you might find the argument for why I offer them interesting.

    John Merryman

  2. Hi John

    Yes, some similar points about money are made in a comment I made at the ABC's The Drum, though there I try to show that the fictitious store of value function of money settles on assets. It's a complicated argument, especially to try and make within The Drum's word limit:

    I agree with you that a credit theory of money rather than commodity theory of money fits easiest within capitalism.

    Let us know what you think of the book if you ever get round to reading it!