Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharing gardens

I have just been reading the recent special issue of Communities: Life In Cooperative Culture (Winter 2011, #153) on Permaculture, especially in its communal aspects.

I found 'The Sharing Gardens' by Llyn Peabody (pp. 41–45) an interesting read because they have made non-monetary activities a fundamental aspect of gardening and sharing harvests in a community setting:
'a world where sharing is the norm; a world beyond buying and selling and private ownership.'(44)
Llyn suggests that this is a new framework for developing community supported agriculture, where instead of monetary exchanges lubricating production, its financing and remuneration, those active in the gardens share in the harvest using gifting practices:
'Our model is meant to help people develop the practice of giving without thought of return; without specifically accounting in a buy/sell or even bartering state of mind. We encourage volunteers to "give what they can" and "receive what they need."' (43)
Although this experiment is inspired by Christian teachings, the material practices mirror non-market socialism.

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