Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Postcard from Occupy Wall Street

Check out our Postcard from Occupy Wall Street, New York city, which is published in the latest Green Left Weekly 917.

Also, we still get these kinds of emails:
I am astonished that you charge for the document. Surely this is counter-intuitive. Why would you charge for a lesson on how to live without money? Haven't you worked out how to live without the need for money?

I'm a social work student living in suburban Sydney and besides my rent I haven't spent any money for the past two days. Please send a pdf to my email, I don't want this to be what breaks my streak of non-spending.

In good humour, thanks...
To which we replied:
It's easy Leo: you order it through your local library and that way lots of other people have access to it as well. The book is as much about why, in our capitalist society, it is extremely difficult to live without money, as it is about why and what that means in terms of social fairness and sustainability, and how we need to change our economic and political structures so none of us produce and exchange on the basis of monetary values, rather on social and environmental ones. Hope you enjoy the book. It's written for lively minds like yours.

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