Thursday, April 12, 2012


OWS Mutual Aid and SolidarityNYC are collaborating to ensure there is space for sharing art, skills, healing and wellness, food, games and ideas at May Day in Union Square. The May Day Mutual Aid group is calling for a day of mutualism on May Day, i.e. meeting the needs of New Yorkers for free noon to 5.30 pm. They say:
No exchange of money is necessary for the world we seek to create! Come with an open mind, ready for creative and fun action. What to expect? A really, really free market: art, skillshares, workshops, learn-Ins and teach-ins, lectures, free food and drink and more...
They continue:
You can help by bringing to share: cooked or uncooked food and water, and clothes, books, toys, electronics and other reusable things to the Really, Really Free Market. Please no big furniture! Bring art supplies and musical instruments! Volunteer your time to help serve food; or to remind folks that, yes! the items at the RRFM are indeed free. Share knowledge, labor or a skill.
Email us to get involved!
Furthermore to the questions 'What is mutualism?' and 'What are we doing here?', they answer:
We want to demonstrate that mutual aid is a viable alternative to capitalism. Actions of mutual aid prove that scarcity is manufactured by capitalist structures that commodify everything from the environment to human life in order to build individual wealth, whereby mutual aid seeks to build community and meet our needs together.
We want to support those taking part in strikes and other actions on May Day through the form of mutual aid. For example, those who are taking off of work and joining us in the streets may need legal or medical assistance, or food and clothing! We want to ensure that mutual aid “fills the void” created by the withdrawal of people’s consent from the capitalist system on May Day. In providing mutual aid, we want to make sure the actions and strikes negatively impact the 1%, not the communities!
We want to create a platform for skill shares and learn-ins. Our concerns for community empowerment and self governance rely on education of a free nature that is accessible to all. We have never seen such income disparity between the rich and poor and this serious fact has profound implications. The pivot from inequality and disenfranchisement on many fronts in our culture begins with education, community building/sharing and outreach to build skill sets: hitting against commodified knowledge.
 Great! Actions without money and with the viable alternative, mutual aid.

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