Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life was without money

The disintegrating affects of money as we know it under capitalism have been the source of many historical, sociological, political and economic analyses, especially during the 21st century. There are many fewer examples today where we can observe the eroding impacts of contemporary concepts of money and the institutions ruling global trade. However, one example is Vanuatu.

Here is a quote from a short SBS dateline documentary, Vanuatu's Piggy Bank, screened 3 April 2012 and that you can watch — or read the transcript from — online:
Vanuatu is very fortunate because we can still imagine a different sort of society, a different economy, a different way of living that is not what most of the rest of the world has gone into — the local economy idea, the green economy idea, we already have it.
This item makes a good discussion piece and stimulates many questions around what money is and why we have it.

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