Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Un Mundo Sin Dinero: El Communismo

In Adam Buick’s chapter in Life Without Money — and in his talk at Bolivar Hall (see post below) — he referred to a pamphlet Un Monde Sans Argent: Le Communisme (A World Without Money: Communism) published in France in 1975 by Les Amis de 4 Millions de Jeunes Travailleurs (The Friends of the 4 Million Young Workers), who had been influenced by situationists and the Italian communist Amadeo Bordiga, who Buick discusses in his chapter.

The group, who describe themselves as ‘a small collective of libertarian communists based mainly in and around London and Brighton UK’, have reproduced some quotes translated into English here. These translations were originally printed in the Socialist Standard (July 1979), a publication of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB), of which Adam is a member.

The quotes show The Friends of the 4 Million Young Workers following a classic Marxist line, that ‘Communism is the negation of capitalism … a world where human activity will never again take the form of wage labour and where the products of such activity will no longer be objects of commerce.’

They envisage a world which operates on a ‘logic of sharing’, democratically planned to share responsibilities for, and results of, production (rather than barter, which they refer to as ‘primitive exchange’).

The publication appeared in Spanish too.

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