Friday, August 17, 2012


Recently Pablo Salon posted a great piece on the so-called green economy on his blog: 'At the crossroads between green economy and rights of nature'. In it he castigates the rise of 'Natural Capital' as a way of defining and ruling nature for the narrow and damaging interests of capitalism. He uses the REDD scheme of carbon credits to highlight the dangers and absurdity of evolving capitalist practices for the natural functioning of forests, which benefits humans in the general rather than capitalists in particular. He asks us to '[i]magine what will happen when and if this same logic is applied to biodiversity, water, soil, agriculture, oceans, fishery and so on', concluding that:
The "green economy" will be absolutely destructive because it is premised on the principle that transfusion of the rules of the market will save nature...
We need to overthrow capitalism and develop a system that is based on the Community of the Earth.
 I urge you to read the whole post.

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