Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gifting economies and climate change timeline

Arena, an Australian magazine of left political, social and cultural commentary has just published a great review article of Life Without Money: 'Gifting economies: Modelling alternative economies at the grass roots'.

Patrick Jones, who has practiced self-sufficiency and collective sufficiency for a long time in Central Victoria, has written a cogent article ranging over recent international literature and developments to contextualise our collection. He explains how at one time he would have considered life without money as 'a flaky ideal' and 'utopian wishfulness' but now, having lived a simple lifestyle and striving to achieve sustainable practices, he regards the scenario as:
manageable, achievable and critically necessary in preparing for the unavoidable and ensuing crises: economic contraction, climate change, energy descent, greater social division and aggregating ecological 'overshoot' and estrangement: in short, the results of hypertechnocivility, or progress-capitalism, peaking.
In this vein, I suggest following — and contributing to — the World Resources Institute's timeline of 'natural' disasters, i.e. extreme weather and climate events, for 2012.

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