Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What we must do

For many years before we started the Life Without Money book site and this blog, we had a MoneyFreeZone site, which was taken down last month. However, 'What we must do', a short summary of ideas discussed on the MoneyFreeZone site and in our book, can be found on the Demonetize It! site here.

A German translation, by Andreas Exner, of 'What we must do', also appears on the Social Innovation Network site. The German version is 'Geldfreie ├ľkonomien global und lokal: Der einzige Weg zu weltweiter Nachhaltigkeit?' and can be found here.

This is a short extract from 'What we must do':

The transition to a world without money — which is only to say that the conditions are laid for humans to establish communities based on social justice and environmental sustainability — would be created by, on the one hand, diminishing production and exchange based on a monetary, capitalist rationale and, on the other hand, progressively taking over production and exchange using non-monetary compacts. Collectively, our actions would weaken a reliance on capitalist practices and strengthen networks of compacts as alternative forms of governance, production and exchange.
How to synthesise tactics within mainstream structures and strategies pursued outside them and create a bridge, a continuum, between reforms and revolution is the greatest challenge. It will only be possible by adopting a common strategy of instituting non-monetary forms of political, social and cultural relations within a vision of a money-free society to enable people to produce and exchange transparently on the basis of use-values, i.e. directly expressing principles related to social justice, and enabling the establishment of environmentally sustainable practices. Thus we must decide on compromises regarding the best possible way forward to achieve the ultimate vision as quickly and as permanently as possible. 

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