Saturday, December 29, 2012

Non-market Land Trust

Austrian Andreas Exner — in the Demonetise It discussion list — asked us to promote a call for contributions to a a land trust (Bodenfreikauf) with non-market aims. He writes the following.
We have set up now our weblog to gather three more contributions of 8.000 EUR each to buy arable land of about 1 ha in Styria with the following aims:

1. to permanently decouple it from the market
2. to increase crisis resilience of participants through subsistence agriculture
3. to foster commons instead of the market
4. to contribute free food to society

The project is part of a larger range of initiatives, with the common aim to build a pool of surfaces dedicated to collective and egalitarian production.

This call for contributions explains our motivations and the current state of the project:

Please distribute widely!
We wish them the best of luck and look forward to providing updates of their progress.

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