Saturday, December 15, 2012

Swapping and sharing

The Faulconbridge Crop and Swap in the lower Blue Mountains of NSW runs every second Saturday in the local community hall. Everyone arrives at 10 am and sets up what they have to swap. At 10.30 am exchanging starts and ends around noon. People take all kinds of things to swap, including:
  • vegetables, fruits and nuts that they've grown
  • foods that they've cooked, such as baked goods and jam
  • foods they've made, such as cheese
  • fresh eggs from local chooks.
There are three principles determining what you can offer and how you conduct the exchange, which must be: home grown or hand made; quality produce; swapped 'in good spirit'. No money changes hands, except if you offer to donate a gold coin to cover costs for insurance and hall hire.

Sometimes similar events are held on an ad hoc basis in community gardens, our fruit and nut tree network promotes swaps theough an e-list and you can always leave garden produce to sell or give away at our 10/7 food coop in the upper mountains.

If you want to replicate the idea, may be start here. Or leave a comment about similar opportunities to swap.

In the upper Blue Mountains you will find book swaps in cafes and one at a local railway station, Leura (see photos).

A much larger version of the 'book club' exists in a central mall of Victoria's capital, Melbourne Central Station, amongst the glare of icons of over-consumption and the boppy music market researchers can prove make people buy more are massive old bookshelves where people leave and take books.

Also check out this inspiring video:

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