Monday, May 20, 2013

Voter Après-Monnaie

Adam Buick has sent the following summary of a 13 May post of his on the Socialist Party forum:
Just discovered that in last June's French general election there was a candidate in Lyon standing on an "abolish money" platform, Marc Chinal. His party name was "Voter Après-Monnaie" (Vote After-Money). His election blog can be found here. It makes interesting reading (for those who can read French) as it shows that he did get some media publicity for the ideas as well as distributing 40,000 leaflets door-to-door. He got 81 votes or 0.21%. Par for the course at the moment but a sign that the idea of a world without money is spreading spontaneously.

Also for those who understand French here's his 20-minute vidéo on "What Would An After-Money Civilisation Look Like?"
It's mainly devoted to such questions as "what will be the incentive to work?", "who will do the dirty work" and "won't people take too much?" He seems to have come from the ecology movement...

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