Saturday, July 27, 2013

Proud Not Primitive

The Proud Not Primitive movement makes some strong comments v. monetary/market economies.
Is development possible by destroying the environment that provides us food, water and dignity? You have to pay to take a bath, for food, and even to drink water. In our land, we don’t have to buy water like you, and we can eat anywhere for free.
This is what Lodu Sikaka, a representative of the Dongria Kondh asks. Her people grow more than 100 crops, harvest up to 200 wild foods and have an understanding of more than 150 plant and 350 animal species. Another representative Malari Pusaka says:
We don’t want to go to the city and we don’t want to buy food. We get it free here.
The movement offers other examples —although referred to as ‘primitive’ and ‘poor’, a study of the hunter-gatherer tribe Jarawa found self-sufficiency delivered ‘optimum nutritional status’ while neighbouring Great Andamanese lost their land and suffered deaths through disease in colonisation by the British. Today they rely on state welfare, suffer alcoholism and TB.

Check out the the Proud Not Primitive movement.

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