Wednesday, November 13, 2013

John Holloway

John Holloway is a prominent communist rallying against the money-form. Take a look at this article, printed a few years ago in The Guardian: 'Today's march is a challenge to the rule of money' and his motif of saying 'No' and taking control of our own lives. This quote comes from that commentary:
... we rage against the rule of money. Not against money itself, necessarily, because in the present society we need money to live. We rage rather against the rule of money, against a society in which money dominates. Money is a great bulldozer tearing up the world. It is an insidious force penetrating ever more aspects of our lives. Money holds society together, but it does so in a way that tears it apart.
Much of John Holloway's work, including u-tube links, can be found at his website:

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