Monday, February 24, 2014

On future (and current) lives without money ...

Justin Morgan has a short summary of certain arguments, themes and projects in the developing solidarity economy that all recogise the importance of substituting monetary values, relationships and structures with non-monetary economic institutions. If you're a Marxist or anarchist — I am both and other things besides, such as a womens' liberationist — you might ignore some of the simplistic references to your position, especially in the introduction but do read on: The solidarity economy as a strategy for revolution.

Also, published online earlier this month for a future edition of Capitalism Nature Socialism (2014) is Andreas Exner's Degrowth and demonetization: On the limits of a non-capitalist market economy. Again, if you're an advocate you might take issue with the definitions and description Andreas has for degrowth, but the discussion is well worth a read. Andreas is a very active member of the demonetization movement, see Demonetize it!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Digitising the Revolution: Cheap Life Without Money eBook

Recently Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies has been digitised and is now available as an eBook. You now buy it for your e-reader and for a limited time — just until 31 March 2014 — it is on sale via the Kindle Store, Kobo and Nook at a special introductory discount price of just £10 (i.e. Pluto’s RRP).

This release is one of the first thirty back titles to be digitised by Pluto Press, under the banner 'The revolution will be digitised'. To see these classic and recent books, all available cheaply as an introductory offer, access the Ebook Backlist Catalogue — and Pluto Press's other catalogues — here.

Digital editions have unique ISBNs. The ones for Life Without Money are: 9781783711000 (ePub) and 9781783711017 (Kindle).