Monday, February 24, 2014

On future (and current) lives without money ...

Justin Morgan has a short summary of certain arguments, themes and projects in the developing solidarity economy that all recogise the importance of substituting monetary values, relationships and structures with non-monetary economic institutions. If you're a Marxist or anarchist — I am both and other things besides, such as a womens' liberationist — you might ignore some of the simplistic references to your position, especially in the introduction but do read on: The solidarity economy as a strategy for revolution.

Also, published online earlier this month for a future edition of Capitalism Nature Socialism (2014) is Andreas Exner's Degrowth and demonetization: On the limits of a non-capitalist market economy. Again, if you're an advocate you might take issue with the definitions and description Andreas has for degrowth, but the discussion is well worth a read. Andreas is a very active member of the demonetization movement, see Demonetize it!