Friday, March 28, 2014


As the social, political and environmental crises persist commons have become a focus of interest. In terms of a money-free world our reorganisation for collective sufficiency is all about commons.

Take a look at the recent Community Development Journal Special Issue: Commons Sense: New Thinking About an Old Idea Vol 49 Suppl. 1 (January 2014), especially an article by the editor of The Commoner Massimo de Angelis, ‘The commons: A brief journey’, and ‘Commons against and beyond capitalism’ by George Caffentzis and Silvia Frederici.

The article by Caffentzis and Frederici ends:
commons are not only the means by which we share in an egalitarian manner the resources we produce, but a commitment to the creation of collective subjects, a commitment to fostering common interests in every aspect of our life. Anti-capitalist commons are not the end point of a struggle to construct a non-capitalist world, but its means. For no struggle will succeed in changing the world if we do not organize our reproduction in a communal way and not only share the space and time of meetings and demonstrations but put our lives in common, organizing on the basis of our different needs and possibilities, and the rejection of all principles of exclusion or hierarchization.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Electric Book quick dips

I just found out that if you want to dip into Life Without Money or just read a chapter, you can do so at the Electric Book website for UK6p per page. If you register with the Electric Book you have access to a range of classic and other works free. Of course, your local or institutional library will provide such access free provided they have a copy or you can always request they order one.