Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rebuttal to CNS review

Ariel Salleh's 'A Vernacular Response to Barkin's Review of Life Without Money' has just appeared online at the Capitalism Nature Socialism journal site. Indicating that Barkin has only superficially read the book, Salleh takes him to task for neglecting some key points made and, instead, for charging us for ignoring them!

Specifically, Salleh writes:
while the book’s editors provide an eloquent essay on 'Use Value and Non-market Socialism' as a basis for overturning capitalism, the review sidelines this theoretical project with a claim that it is 'focused on small scale change'.
Furthermore, with respect to her own chapter in Life Without Money, Salleh shows that:
Far from 'integrating' the local into the global [as Barkin suggests is necessary], the argument is about severing the capitalist system at its irrational epistemic roots. To this end, constructs from 'sustainability science' and 'ecological economics' are analysed and exposed as incoherent.