Tuesday, May 27, 2014


You can join a 'gift economy' platform 'Impossible' co-founded by Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira here.

They want to disrupt monetary exchange with altruistic reciprocity so money is ranked along with violence and sexual conduct as no-nos at the site. Sounds great, but I have visited Impossible a few times and found the offers and requests disappointing. I think this proves that Impossible is simply 'gift exchange' not really a 'gift economy' where production is part of a gifting or non-monetary system too. 

On the up side at least it's a useful experiment and the platform is open source and self-managing, following Wikipedia.

Monday, May 5, 2014

'Coining' alternatives to capitalism

Take a look at the article 'In each other we trust: Coining alternatives to capitalism', which appeared a few weeks back in ROAR Magazine, prompted by the MoneyLab Conference in Amsterdam during March.

Here is an extract to whet your appetite:
With panel discussions on “the monetization of everything”, “dismantling global finance”, “beyond Bitcoin”, “a critique of crowdfunding” and “designing alternatives”, the organizers of the conference set the tone right: in a world dominated by finance, a thoroughly indebted world in which money has effectively assumed the function of a universal signifier under which all aspects of social and natural life are rapidly becoming subsumed, we desperately need to start exploring radical alternatives to the capitalist money-form — not because alternative currencies are somehow a panacea, but because the state and the banks clearly aren’t going to do it for us. Despite major technological advances made in recent years, right-libertarian innovations like Bitcoin just won’t cut it. And so there is an urgent need to dissect, discuss and discover new ways of valuing work, time, nature, community and the fruits of our collective labor.