Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kurdistan freedom from money, patriarchy and unsustainability

According to this account of developments in Kurdistan, 'Socialism, gender equality and social-ecology in the mountains of Kurdistan', the Kurdistan Freedom Movement (PKK) is substituting women's empowerment and ecologically sustainable livelihoods for money, i.e. the system of production for trade, referred to as the Union of Communities of Kurdistan (KCK).

Here's an extract:
The concept of money is internally redundant within the KCK system implemented in the mountains of Kurdistan. The economic needs of the inhabitants of the KCK system are internally supplied through a communal management of resources. Although money is utilised in economic dealings with external systems, internally the concept of money is inconceivable. No person or community within the KCK system feels the need to build a surplus of goods or resources. Surpluses are constantly redistributed, therefore, viably consumed. Reminiscent of pre-hierarchical and pre-exploitative societies, the KCK system adopts a culture of gifting, rather than a culture of exchange. The communal organisation of agriculture ensures a self-sufficient production and consumption of resources, therefore, deeming surplus, exchange value and the commodification of goods irrelevant.
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