Thursday, October 30, 2014

Progress in Political Economy

A vibrant new intellectual space is being created by scholarly activist friends and staff of the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

On 29 October this Progress in Political Economy (PPE) site published a post based on my non-market socialist approach to Thomas Piketty's Capital as expressed at The Historial Materialism Australasia Conference in Sydney:

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Here's a post from a blog written by a friend who I met in the Blue Mountains (Australia) — though he has now moved further west in NSW and me south to Central Victoria:
I recently attended a methadone clinic for money addicts (in Australia this is called Centrelink, or the dole) that made sure I would have a two-weekly top-up of matrix-juice in my bank account. However, it wasn't until I travelled out of my normal bucolic surroundings toward the big city of Sydney (which I normally avoid) that I fully comprehended the grip of this methadone metronome that fully hypnotises its users. Sorry but I will not give horrible details of what happened to me in Sydney, but I will tell you I am much happier now than before, and I could write a book about what happened called, The Way I Changed in a Day. This drama is instructive, because it shows that empowerment of ourselves and fulfillment of our heart's desire is also possible (you should see the land I found thanks to Spaces of Love (FB group) -- but it is possible precisely without money.
In this post Robert takes a lateral or life's journey route through sustainability/economics issues. He and his family live very simply and have experimented with collective farming on borrowed land: