Sunday, October 26, 2014


Here's a post from a blog written by a friend who I met in the Blue Mountains (Australia) — though he has now moved further west in NSW and me south to Central Victoria:
I recently attended a methadone clinic for money addicts (in Australia this is called Centrelink, or the dole) that made sure I would have a two-weekly top-up of matrix-juice in my bank account. However, it wasn't until I travelled out of my normal bucolic surroundings toward the big city of Sydney (which I normally avoid) that I fully comprehended the grip of this methadone metronome that fully hypnotises its users. Sorry but I will not give horrible details of what happened to me in Sydney, but I will tell you I am much happier now than before, and I could write a book about what happened called, The Way I Changed in a Day. This drama is instructive, because it shows that empowerment of ourselves and fulfillment of our heart's desire is also possible (you should see the land I found thanks to Spaces of Love (FB group) -- but it is possible precisely without money.
In this post Robert takes a lateral or life's journey route through sustainability/economics issues. He and his family live very simply and have experimented with collective farming on borrowed land:

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