Friday, December 19, 2014

Melbourne & Castlemaine (Australia) Trade School

We want a Trade School for Melbourne & Castlemaine. We’re looking for Melbournians and Castlemaniacs to help set up and maintain this Trade School — to barter skills and knowledge — and seeking the contact details for those wanting to use it once we are set up.

Trade Schools exist worldwide and started in NYC in 2010. People teach anything others will barter items or jobs to learn, such as: pilates, drawing, photography, cookery, games (Scrabble/chess/Sudoku), weaving, political/literary theory, fixing bikes, restoring furniture, book binding, gardening, detoxing, music making, singing, writing, knitting, making musical instruments, cleaning, languages, yarn bombing, speaking, facilitating, bee-keeping, IT skills, dancing, carpentary, cappaccino-making, basket-making, painting, pottery, poetry…

Trade School is an alternative, self-organised school running on barter and works like this:
1) Teachers propose classes and ask for items/jobs from students, e.g. you teach butter making and ask students to bring heavy cream, jars, bread, music tips, clothes, vegetables, or help find you an apartment.
2) As students sign up they agree to bring an item or do a job for a teacher.
Trade School is for those of us who value hands-on knowledge, mutual respect and the social nature of exchange. Everyone can offer something.
Source: Adapted from Trade School NYC site

To find out more on this non-monetary style exchange model, advice for starters and all the various Trade Schools around the world, see: