Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Political poem on the Progress in Political Economy site

The first poem to appear on the University of Sydney's great Progress in Political Economy site advocates a life beyond money and the state:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Gift economies/networks on the ground

Over the last two weeks I've talked with some key people in a couple of groups pursuing gift networks and collective sufficiency without money on the ground:
1. Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman, who live in the rural town of Daylesford (Central Victoria), have been active in a series of sustainability activities locally.

They've just returned from a fifteen month tour of Australia checking out on what other communities are up to, too.

Read more of their adventures at home and interstate here:

2. Another group — whose members are active in our Melbourne ecosocialism discussion group — is urban. They include Theo Kitchener, who wrote about the Doing It Ourselves network's early ideas in an article that appears as a pdf that can be downloaded here:

They are experimenting with developing a series of cooperatives that try to do as much as they can with as little money as possible.

3. Gift economy advocate Terry Leahy will be in Melbourne to speak at a New International Book Shop arranged event at the Victorian Trades Hall Council on the night of Friday 13 March. He will show the documentary film that his sister Gillian Leahy and he made on an African village that became collectively sufficient by applying permaculture methods, amongst other techniques.

You can find out some more on The Chikukwa Project and on Terry's work more broadly here.