Monday, June 8, 2015

Capitalism Nature Socialism

The international socialist journal Capitalism Nature Socialism has featured arguments for a money-free future. In the previous ten issues, the following have appeared:

Andreas Exner (2014) 'Degrowth and Demonetization: On the Limits of a Non-Capitalist Market Economy', Capitalism Nature Socialism, 25:3, 9–27.

David Barkin (2014) 'Life Without Money' [book review] Capitalism Nature Socialism, 25:2, 126–128

Ariel Salleh (2014),Ariel Salleh (2014) 'A Vernacular Response to Barkin's Review of Life Without Money', Capitalism Nature Socialism, 25:2, 128–131.

For more by Andreas Exner, see: Demonetize it!

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