Monday, June 5, 2017

Watch what this resident of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri has to say about money and living abundantly with very little money:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

If development is centered on money while the other aspects of human life are ignored such as environment, land, culture or social support systems then the majority of us will be at the losing end.
Money is a game just as soccer that requires the players of the game to understand the rules. In this money game, the rules of the game are not controlled by the players but by the person who introduced the game.

Once Papua New Guineans are hooked into the ‘money’, then it is just like being hooked to alcohol or any other foreign goods where satisfaction is far from being reached that there is a hunger for more.
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Friday, January 27, 2017

Marx, money and revolution

Marking the release of Marxist Monetary Theory: Collected Papers by Costas Lapavitsas, read this report on the ‘Thinking about Money’ Symposium launching it at SOAS, University of London (18 January).

Marx, Money and our Future

Check out this post for news about the ‘Marx’s Critique of Political Economy and the Global Crisis Today’ conference that will be held on 6–7 April 2017 — organised by members of the Economics and Sociology departments of Hofstra University, New York — one of many events in 2017 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx’s Capital I. Harry Cleaver is a guest speaker and there will be a discussion on radical interpretations of money and associated revolutionary strategies.